Monday, November 5, 2012

Update..Still Alive

First and for most I would like to reassure people that I am still working on Sovereign Wars and I still have artists developing the various ships and factions that will be in the game. I done with the free trial rules and they are being proof read by right now once I have the rules back and we are able to go through a play test or two and I feel confident that they are the rules I am happy with I will post them to the site for download.

Speaking of the site the new site is about 75% complete. It should be ready about the time the into rules are ready for release.

The models are coming out very slowly. I am currently working on my degree and a certification, couple that will work and a home life and that leaves very little time for anything else.

My goals at this point are as follows
1. Get the intro rules completed and out to the public by end of Q1 next year
2. Get the new site completed and available to the public by end of Q1 next year
3. Have the fourth faction complete and ready for Gencon 2013
4. Cards for the first three factions complete and available for print by Gencon 2013
5. Finish basic fleet for the Bardox by Gencon 2013

I am going to make an effort to update the blog at lease once a week from this point forward in an effort to keep people up dated on what is going on. We shall see there is a lot going on and less than a year to finish most of it.