Friday, November 4, 2016

7 Days to go...

Only 7 days until the big reveal! Before we get there, a little background on how far Sovereign Wars has come.
  • In development for six and a half years the game was originally conceived after multiple companies started offering 3D printing services that where affordable.
  • The game was designed as a "print of demand" game from the ground up allowing the designers to concentrate on making a well designed without having to worry about the logistics of producing the final product.
  • While in early Alpha stages the game was shown at Gencon three years straight to excellent reviews.
  • The game has been through many revisions but at its core sits an order management system which has changed very little.
  • Sovereign Wars is designed to be played fast while still allowing a depth of play that is equal to many modern table top miniature games.
Stay posted for more news and the big reveal in just 7 Days!