Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mechanics: Crew Skills

I have talked about Games Mechanics a little bit on the site before, I went into how the basic combat system worked at the time as well some of the order management aspects for the game. After a year of testing many parts of the game have changed, some have been removed all together and others are brand new as of the latest release. The major mechanic that has seen a recent overall is Crew Skill Test.

Crew Skill Tests are used  for many aspects of the game as a matter of fact just about everything you do in the game that involves any sort of chance is probably related to a Crew Skill Test. In the past this was what was called a roll under mechanic. In a roll under mechanic 2d6s are rolled and the result must be less than or equal the crew skill. This is a pretty standard mechanic that is used in multiple games and does it job very well. In Sovereign War we use a completely different mechanic, borrowing from many RPGs our Crew Skill is based on a die type ie d6,d8,d10 etc. The better a ship's crew the bigger the die. For example an experienced crew will roll a single d6 when attempting a Crew Skill test. With an average Skill requiring a 4+ to succeed an experienced crew will succeed on 50% of their skill tests. Of course a better skilled crew will roll a larger die so a Veteran crew will roll a d8. Crew Skills also differ from faction to faction to it is possible that a Denski Veteran Crew will roll a d10 as opposed to a Bardox Veteran crew that will roll a d8. Crew Skills also play a very heavy roll in combat as the Crew Skill die is used to determine if an attack succeeds it also helps determine the resulting damage.

In other news
I have received word that the first round of new miniatures are on the way from Shapeways. As soon as I can get images of them I will be posting them up to the site.

For those that are unable to attend Gencon I am going to try and end each post will a little preview from the development site. This week we have an early image of the Bardox Battleship model. This model will be around 4" tall and about the same length with multiple turrets sprouting from its surfaces.