Thursday, November 10, 2016

And Finally there was Only 1 Day Left

Only one day left to go until the future of Sovereign Wars arrives. Since I am saving all of the really earth shattering stuff for tomorrow I figured I would go over one of the other core systems of the game that being the order system. Now many games have an order management system few use orders as a resource as much as we do in Sovereign Wars. Orders are what drives the game and allows ships to perform actions. Orders also allow a player to better control of where and when actions take place.

Here is how the Order System Works

During the Maintenance Phase both players resolve any effects that trigger in the Maintenance Phase and then replenish each ships Order Tokens. The number of order tokens each ship receives during the Maintenance Phase is determined by the ships Order Value. A ship may never have more Orders than its Order Value. Once all of the ships currently active on the table have there orders the player with control of the Momentum goes begins the Action Phase.

The Action Phase is the main part of the game where orders are spend to perform actions. Players alternate activating individual ships or formations of ships. While a ship is active Orders are spent to perform actions. Some actions provide the opportunity for reactions which are performed by spending Orders in the same was as the player that is currently activating ships. Once an individual Order has been completely resolved. The player that is currently activating may chose to spend additional Orders on the ship or formation they just activated or they can choose to end their activation and save the orders for a later activation. This ability to end an activation and retain Orders on the ship or formation is one of the features that makes Sovereign Wars unique. The order system in Sovereign Wars allows for players to activate a ship early in a turn and then come back to it later in the same turn. The system also allows for the player that is not active to have some say in they game because they are able to use there Orders to react to actions when while it is no there turn. In addition to the ability to save Orders from one activation to another in Order to be able to activate a ship later there are also Command and Control ships that have a large Order Pool that they are able to allocate to other ships within there fleet effectively allow for a ships orders to be refreshed and continue the fight. Keep in mind however once all the Orders are gone they are gone until the next Maintenance Phase so they must be used wisely. 

In a nutshell the Order System in Sovereign Wars removes the restrictions put in place by most games where a unit may only active one per turn and allows for a more flexible and surprising tactics.

So that's it the last bit of info before the big reveal tomorrow. As always Stay Posted!