Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Sovereign Wars Changing

Due to come changes in the group that we are working with Sovereign Wars will be changing in the near future.  I will have more information soon for now keep posted.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

CoM:Sovereign Wars Update for 11/17/2016

We are coming up on a week after the big announcement and we are all really happy with the response. On the CoM:Sovereign Wars side of the Universe  we have made some progress both in the rules as well as the artwork. We had a a play test that helped find some of the clunkier mechanics as well as the feasibility of other mechanics. Overall the play test went well and it has given us direction on where the game need to go. Here are some of the other things we have been working on.

  • Shield rolls have been replaced with a simpler more reliable mechanic using what effectively end up being armor that a portion regenerates every turn.
  • Profiles modifiers have been added to help simplify the attack roll and make it more balance.
  • The first pass of the Formation rules have bee added to the Master Rules Document.
  • Five Scenarios have been created and I am doing the basic table layout graphics for them.
  • Ship upgrade system outlined and first set of upgrades in preliminary stages.
  • A more vector based movement system has been created and will need to be tested. May see itsway into the rules if it improves the game.
Miniature Sculpting
  • Drachenhund is being finished and split up to be uploaded to Shapeways for printing of the prototype.
  • Rapier is in early grey box form. We are currently working out the proportions to make sure they are perfect before the detail work begins.
Vassal Module

  • Work has begun on a Vassal Module that will us to play test the game online opening up the game for many more people to test. 
  • If you have never heard of Vassal or its been a while check them out here:

That is all for this week but stay posted for more information. As always if there are any Comments or Questions please post them on the Official CoM:Sovereign Wars Forum found on our main site

Friday, November 11, 2016

Announcing: CoM:Sovereign Wars

I am proud to announce Sovereign Wars has joined The Chronicles of Man universe and has become CoM:Sovereign Wars.

A new future for a project years in the making
Over the past few months we have been working with the team over at The Chronicles of Man universe and we decided that it made logical sense to join forces brining Sovereign Wars rules system to their universe creating a new table top space combat game that we all envisioned. What does this mean for Sovereign Wars? First and for most we are dedicated to production of a high quality table top space combat game with a rich background and an easy ruleset to learn that still has depth to keep players coming back for more. 

What to expect from CoM: Sovereign Wars
  • Two complete box sets with all of the necessary components to play a game of CoM:Sovereign Wars
  • High Quality 3D Printed Miniatures available from
  • Detailed Advanced Rules book available as a PDF as well as Print on Demand product
  • Additional Ships and customization cards available after initial release
3D Model of Drachenhund Corvette

We are currently in heavy production of the rules and artwork for the game and our goal is to start showing the game publicly starting in 2017

New to the Chronicles of Man? Head over to to learn more about the universe.

For news on CoM:Sovereign Wars and The Chronicles of Man 
stay posted to 

Thursday, November 10, 2016

And Finally there was Only 1 Day Left

Only one day left to go until the future of Sovereign Wars arrives. Since I am saving all of the really earth shattering stuff for tomorrow I figured I would go over one of the other core systems of the game that being the order system. Now many games have an order management system few use orders as a resource as much as we do in Sovereign Wars. Orders are what drives the game and allows ships to perform actions. Orders also allow a player to better control of where and when actions take place.

Here is how the Order System Works

During the Maintenance Phase both players resolve any effects that trigger in the Maintenance Phase and then replenish each ships Order Tokens. The number of order tokens each ship receives during the Maintenance Phase is determined by the ships Order Value. A ship may never have more Orders than its Order Value. Once all of the ships currently active on the table have there orders the player with control of the Momentum goes begins the Action Phase.

The Action Phase is the main part of the game where orders are spend to perform actions. Players alternate activating individual ships or formations of ships. While a ship is active Orders are spent to perform actions. Some actions provide the opportunity for reactions which are performed by spending Orders in the same was as the player that is currently activating ships. Once an individual Order has been completely resolved. The player that is currently activating may chose to spend additional Orders on the ship or formation they just activated or they can choose to end their activation and save the orders for a later activation. This ability to end an activation and retain Orders on the ship or formation is one of the features that makes Sovereign Wars unique. The order system in Sovereign Wars allows for players to activate a ship early in a turn and then come back to it later in the same turn. The system also allows for the player that is not active to have some say in they game because they are able to use there Orders to react to actions when while it is no there turn. In addition to the ability to save Orders from one activation to another in Order to be able to activate a ship later there are also Command and Control ships that have a large Order Pool that they are able to allocate to other ships within there fleet effectively allow for a ships orders to be refreshed and continue the fight. Keep in mind however once all the Orders are gone they are gone until the next Maintenance Phase so they must be used wisely. 

In a nutshell the Order System in Sovereign Wars removes the restrictions put in place by most games where a unit may only active one per turn and allows for a more flexible and surprising tactics.

So that's it the last bit of info before the big reveal tomorrow. As always Stay Posted!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Just 2 more days

What is the Sovereign 12 system?

The Sovereign 12 System is a dice mechanic that runs through all of our games. The system is very flexible and strives to create a balance between the “fist full of dice” games and the more simple mechanics of “roll to hit, roll to wound”. In Sovereign Wars we use the Sovereign 12 system for all roll that involve attacking or damaging a ship. He is an example of a single attack.

For this example Jeremy will be the aggressor and his ship will be making and attack on Steven’s ship. To begin the attack Jeremy spends and order and declares that his primary weapon system will be firing upon Steven’s ship. Steven’s in turn spends an order from the ship being attacked and declares and Evade action. Next the range between the two ships is measured and Jeremy checks the range bands of the ships primary weapon system. Because Steven’s ships is at the optimal range for the weapon system Jeremy will be rolling 4D12s. Next the Profile of Steven’s ship is determined, the base Profile is 11 however Steven moved and fired weapons last turn so the ship has an Emission token on it. Taking the Emission token into account the profile is now 10, finally the Tactical Computer value of Jeremy’s ship is subtracted from the profile, in this case the TAC value is 2 resulting in a Modified Profile Value for Steven’s ship of 8. Jeremy rolls the 4D12’s looking for 8’s to hit and potentially damage the ship. Jeremy rolls and receives a 10, 8, 9 and 4 scoring 3 hits. Now its Steven’s chance to attempt to reduce the damage. Steven checks the number of Shield tokens on the ship and counts two token left. Normally he would only roll two dice in this situation however since he declared an Evade reaction he gets to add a number of dice equal to the ships Evade value to the Shield Roll allowing him to roll 4 dice to attempt to prevent the damage. Steven rolls his dice and receives a 10, 2, 3 and 7. The dice are now compared and the 10s cancel out each other and the 7 cancels out the 4. The remaining dice are now converted to Damage. Jeremy checks his weapons system information and determine that each successful hit applies 3 points of Damage. Steven applied 6 points of Damage to his forward armor and the attack is now resolved.

To recap
1. Select Weapons System and Declare Target.
2. Target chooses to react.
3. Measure range to determine the number of dice to roll.
4. Determine Targets Modified Profile Value
5. Roll Attack and Shield Dice
6. Determine and Apply Damage

In a nutshell that is the basics of how the Sovereign 12 system works. There is much more depth to the system and more will be revealed in just two days.

Stay Posted.