Thursday, November 17, 2016

CoM:Sovereign Wars Update for 11/17/2016

We are coming up on a week after the big announcement and we are all really happy with the response. On the CoM:Sovereign Wars side of the Universe  we have made some progress both in the rules as well as the artwork. We had a a play test that helped find some of the clunkier mechanics as well as the feasibility of other mechanics. Overall the play test went well and it has given us direction on where the game need to go. Here are some of the other things we have been working on.

  • Shield rolls have been replaced with a simpler more reliable mechanic using what effectively end up being armor that a portion regenerates every turn.
  • Profiles modifiers have been added to help simplify the attack roll and make it more balance.
  • The first pass of the Formation rules have bee added to the Master Rules Document.
  • Five Scenarios have been created and I am doing the basic table layout graphics for them.
  • Ship upgrade system outlined and first set of upgrades in preliminary stages.
  • A more vector based movement system has been created and will need to be tested. May see itsway into the rules if it improves the game.
Miniature Sculpting
  • Drachenhund is being finished and split up to be uploaded to Shapeways for printing of the prototype.
  • Rapier is in early grey box form. We are currently working out the proportions to make sure they are perfect before the detail work begins.
Vassal Module

  • Work has begun on a Vassal Module that will us to play test the game online opening up the game for many more people to test. 
  • If you have never heard of Vassal or its been a while check them out here:

That is all for this week but stay posted for more information. As always if there are any Comments or Questions please post them on the Official CoM:Sovereign Wars Forum found on our main site