Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Only 3 to go...

Just three days until the final reveal!

So what makes Sovereign Wars different from the plethora of new space combat games out there these days. Well, not to take anything away from the other games many of which have influenced Sovereign Wars I think the game we have designed is different in many ways:

  • Designed with the average table top gamer in mind. What does that mean? Sovereign Wars has been designed from the position of a modern table to game. We have tried to make the game accessible to all gamers but we have removed a lot of the minutia that is commonly found in space combat games of the past. The game will also be available in different formats and price levels so that gamers and get into the game cheaply and still have a fulfilling game.
  • An original game world. One of the things I am really proud of is the fact that we have our own game world and we are part of an ever growing community of creators that are contributing to the world.
  • Sovereign Wars is a print on demand game. Why is that important? The main reason is it allows the design team to remain flexible and still make an excellent product. This allows us to focus on building the game and the game world with out the pressure of selling product or designing within a limited budget.
There are many more reasons why Sovereign Wars is a different kind of game but I will save those for next time. Until then Stay Posted.